a_mile_of_runway.pngSeveral hangar sites available for owner build.
Three 65’ x 80’ sites; five 60’ x 50’ sites; two 60’ x 60’ sites; shovel ready.
One 120’ x 60’ site; engineering and plans already approved, needs dirt fill to begin construction. Long term ground lease from City of Gilmer.

A set of eight city owned T-hangars for lease, sized 50’ clear wingspan and 16’ clear tail height for business class aircraft such as Cessna 300 and 400 class.

hanger 1

hanger 2

hanger 3

t hanger 1

Five sites for 60’ x 50’ hangar; party wall attached to end of existing t hangars.


Typical 50’, 65’, 120’ hangars, bi-fold and stack doors etc as options.


Airport Industrial Park

Airport Expansion Plans


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Airport Hangar Locations